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Non-Tapered Recessed Panel

Non-Tapered Recessed Panel

Elite Trimworks offers a large selection of Recessed PVC Column Wraps all the way up to 20 feet tall, with no visible seams.  Our Recessed Panelled PVC columns include innovative adjustable dividers that slide in place on the job site. You can adjust your panel sizing to fit your railing height or your design preference. The columns are shipped with four 1” thick panels with big mitred corners that makes the assembly fast, secure and leaves no visible seams.

All Elite Trimworks PVC post covers come complete with what you need to make installation easy. We include a specially formulated PVC adhesive with a slow setting time, tape, mounting cleats; stainless steel hardware and even the Tapcon screws.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
PK-PVC-U-36 Universal Panel Kit - PVC
  • US$97.76
PVC-REC-8x8x4 8" RECESSED PVC Column Wrap Kit
  • US$194.48
PVC-REC-10x10x6 10" RECESSED PVC Column Wrap Kit
  • US$277.68
PVC-HPC-8-8-SS-G 8" Half Paneled, PVC Column
  • US$286.00
PVC-HPC-10-8-SS-G 10" Half Paneled, PVC Column
  • US$331.76
PVC-REC-12x12x6 12" RECESSED PVC Column Wrap Kit
  • US$442.96
PVC-14-LRNT-8 14" Large, Recessed Panel, Non-Tapered PVC Column
  • US$546.16
PVC-16-LRNT-8 16" Large, Recessed Panel, Non-Tapered PVC Column
  • US$600.08