MDF Mouldings

MDF Mouldings

It is often easy to ignore how much mouldings, also known as trimwork, can change a room until you compare the difference between a room with mouldings to one without. Trimwork can help enhance the look of a home, making it look more elegant, lived in, and cared for. They are used to cover transitions between surfaces but also for decoration and can help create and elevate that sense of comfort that a home brings.


Trimwork has been used to decorate homes throughout history. There are many different styles of mouldings out there. Each has its own purpose. For instance, Casings can hide seams around windows and doors. Cornice mouldings add extra detail. Chair rails were initially used to protect the wall from chairs and other hazards, thus the name. Baseboards also continue to serve a similar purpose in protection and decoration. 

Mouldings can be made out of milled wood, plaster, plastic, and reformed wood. Here at Elite Trimworks, most of our mouldings are made from MDF. MDF, known as Medium-Density Fibreboard, is a wood product created with wood fibres, resin, and wax that is put through high temperatures and a lot of pressure. It is consistently strong while also being light. This allows for easy use and installation that can be painted. Our mouldings are made with Low Formaldehyde MDF that Qualifies for LEED Credits.

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