Medallions 40"+

Celing Medallions Installation Tips

Sometimes you want to add a bold and dramatic touch to an otherwise large bland ceiling. By using Elite Trimworks selection of large Ceiling Medallions you can change a ceiling from ordinary to extraordinary. All of our ceiling medallions are made from durable Polyurethane which is both light and easy to paint. Using our patented Mold making process, we have been able to reproduce intricate designs taken from unique antique ceiling medallions. Polyurethane has allowed us to drop the cost significantly without compromising on both the quality and the look of the originals. Our large ceiling medallions are incredibly light considering their size and easy to install using nails or any quality construction adhesive. They come primed and ready to take any type of paint and are ideal for a faux finish which will only serve to enhance the crisp details of our ceiling medallions. 

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