MDF Crown Mouldings or Cornice Trims

We carry a wide variety of MDF Cornice Profiles that range from 3" tall all the way up to a 20", five-step bracketed profile as shown below. Everything is MDF except for the bracket which we space out at pin in by hand after the trim is installed. To address the needs of the growing number of customers who are looking to enhance a Great Room or add grandeur to a dining room without the mess, of plaster. With the Tuscan five-step profile, once again Elite Trimworks breaks new ground as far as what can be done with wood mouldings. 

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
GE2-8 Georgian 2" MDF Cornice, 12ft
  • US$17.50
GE5-ST-14 Georgian 5 1/4" MDF Cornice 14ft
  • US$26.60
TS5-ST-14 Tuscan 5" Smooth Cornice
  • US$26.60
CMC-6-14 6" Craftsman Cornice
  • US$36.00
SM5-RP-12 5" MDF Cornice with Rope 12ft
  • US$38.40
SM7-ST-14 Symmetrical 7" MDF Cornice 14ft
  • US$39.90
TS7-ST-14 Tuscan 7" Smooth Cornice
  • US$39.90
GE7-ST-14 Georgian 7" MDF Cornice 14ft
  • US$40.60
SM5-RL-12 5" MDF Cornice with Ribbon & Leaf 12ft
  • US$48.00
SM7-RP-14 7" MDF Cornice with Rope 14ft
  • US$51.80
SM5-RR-12 5" MDF Cornice with Ribbon and Reed & Rope 12ft
  • US$54.00
TS9-ST-14 Tuscan 9" Smooth Cornice
  • US$55.30
SM7-ED-14 7" MDF Cornice with Egg Dart & Pearls 14ft
  • US$56.40
CV7-16 7" Elite Deep Cove Cornice 16ft
  • US$60.00
CMC-8-16 8" Craftsman Cornice
  • US$60.80