Flexible LED Strip Lights
Used for Cove Lighting, Indirect Lighting and Tray Ceiling Lighting

These strip lights are amazingly bright and are available in warm white, cool white, or multi color RGB that change color based on your settings. Although they are available in waterproof and non-waterproof versions, we typically use the non-water waterproof type for cove light and other ceiling lighting applications.

Our flexible, 12v, LED strip lights are very bright and produce little heat. The low-voltage means you don't have to worry about shock or fire from overheating. LED strip lights have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, and are ECO friendly, the low wattage translates to lower emissions.

Each Flexible LED strip comes equipped with an adhesive backing and can be stuck just about anywhere making them very easy to install.

The stripe lights come in 5 Meter (16.4 feet) rolls and can be cut at every 3 LED intervals. LED's can be cut to the size at marked intervals and rejoined by a simple connector or soldering.

Contact us for help choosing the right Power Supplies and Controls for your project.

We will soon be posting a PDF showing how to install LED cove and ceiling lights on line.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
MDF-LED-5-8 MDF Bracket for 5" LED Strip Light
  • US$14.00
MDF-LED-7-8 MDF Bracket for 7" LED Strip Light
  • US$14.00
LED-SL-C Bright Flexible LED Strip-3528, COOL
  • US$39.00
LED-SL-W Bright Flexible LED Strip-3528 WARM
  • US$39.00
LED-Strip-Changing-Color Changing Color LED Strip, Non-Waterperoof
  • US$75.00