Ornamental Capital and Bases for Columns


Elevate your architectural aesthetics with elite Trimworks Decorative Capitals, the preferred choice among homeowners, builders, and contractors seeking precision, elegance, and exceptional value. The process of selecting the appropriate cap and base for your columns holds the same significance as choosing the column shaft itself. Our range of capitals and bases on this page seamlessly complements HB&G or FRP Column Shafts.

In order to harmonize your column with your specific architectural style, we provide an extensive array of bases and capitals that align perfectly with your chosen column shaft. Just as our column selection is extensive, so too is our offering of complementary ornamental capitals and bases, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing outcome.

Additional factors to take into account include determining the optimal compatibility between bases and capitals, ensuring their proper fit, assessing their potential impact on shaft length, considering their availability, and estimating lead times. Our team of experts is readily available to address these specific inquiries and provide guidance.

At Elite Trimworks, we go the extra mile by providing premium Tuscan base and capital sets

For those seeking a broader selection, HB&G offers an extensive range of Ornamental Capitals sets designed for PermaCast round and square columns, ranging in size from 8" to 30". Detailed information can be found in the accompanying PDF documents. 

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
FGC-H Fibreglass Column Hardware Kit
  • US$7.45
AST-GE-PVC-U PVC Square Georgian Capital & Astragal Set
  • US$15.33
TS-BS-8 Fiberglass Tuscan Base
  • US$31.98
HBG-TUS-S8 HB&G 8" Square, Tuscan Base
  • US$49.08
TS-CAP-8 Elite Tuscan Round, Capital and Base Set
  • US$54.08
SQ-BC-ST-8 8" Square, Tuscan, Non-Tapered, Base & Capital Set
  • US$56.49
AT-BS-8 Fiberglass Attic Base
  • US$59.48
CB-HBG-TUS-R8 HB&G 8" Round Tuscan Capital & Base Set
  • US$64.36
SQ-BC-ST-10 10" Square, Tuscan, Non-Tapered, Base & Capital Set
  • US$66.13
HBG-NT-TUS-S8 HB&G 8" Square Non-Tapered Tuscan Capital & Base Set
  • US$83.68
CB-HBG-TUS-R10 HB&G 10" Round Tuscan Capital & Base Set
  • US$92.52
HBG-NT-TUS-S10 HB&G 10" Square, Non-Tapered Tuscan Capital and Base Set
  • US$96.54
CB-HBG-NT-TUS-8 HB&G 8" Round, Non-Tapered Capital and Base Set
  • US$112.64
HBG-BASE-S12 HB&G 12" Square, Tuscan Base
  • US$113.44
CB-HBG-TUS-R12 HB&G 12" Round Tuscan Capital & Base Set
  • US$123.91