Fluted Columns

Fluted Porch Column Covers in PVC

fluted_columnWbox_cap.jpgflutesWboth_tuscanAbox_cap.jpgElite Trimworks offers an extensive line of Square, Fluted, Porch Columns with the Flutes custom made to match the total height of the column shaft, regardless of the Capital or Base chosen. Finding the right column to fit your architectural order or style has never been easier. We believe that our Exterior Porch Column Wraps are the best value when you have an existing support to cover. These columns are weatherproof, free-standing and easy to install over the existing wooden or steel support post.

As a standard, our 8" Square Porch Columns come with 5 flutes, the 10" come with 6 flutes and the 12" with 7. The flutes are equally spaced across the face of the column shaft.

Regarding the length of the flutes, there are several measurements to consider. Ideally, it would be best if you did not cut into the flutes or have too much space above and below them. Click for the custom fluting form.

We make Fluted Porch Columns up to 24" square and 20 feet high with no visible seams!

As these columns are made to order, they must be prepaid before production, and there are no refunds or exchanges.

>Custom Fluting Form
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