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Elite Flat Paneled Wainscot
Casual Beauty On All Kinds Of Walls, Now in Stain Grade Oak, Maple or Cherry


This is our inexpensive, easy-to-install, customizable wainscoting with a twist. It uses the same stiles and rails as our legendary Raised Panel Wainscot, except with flat panels made of 1/8"-thick high density fiberboard. This keeps the installation process super-simple and costs low, while also offering something else. Let's say you've got a wall with dented drywall, water damage or cracked plaster. Instead of repairing the flaws, cover them up with flat panel wainscot. The 24" x 24" panels easily hide tired stucco, divets left behind after prying off mirror tiles or cork, or cracked vintage plaster. If you've ever lived with the dust, hassle and expense of drywall repair, you already know why covering damage is often better than repairing it. Want something with a little more visual detail? Consider our Beadboard Wainscot. It's just like our flat panel designs, except with decorative vertical grooves milled into panel surfaces. Any casual living space is ideal for either beadboard or flat panel wainscot. And like all Elite kits, both options come in 8-foot lengths, factory primed and ready to install. Like the flat panel look, but your walls are still in good shape? Save even more money with our Wall Panel Wainscot. It's more economical and easier to install because it uses the wall itself in place of panels. Simply install the lower rail, stiles, upper rail and cap directly on the wall surface, then paint. Got questions? Great! Give us a call. We've got the answers.

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  • Wainscot Base Extension

    The Standard height for our Raised, Flat or Beaded Panel wainscoting is 37 1/2". For a 42" high application, a 5/8" thick spacer and baseboard is used to extend the height to 42". Although any baseboard or spacer will do, as a convenience, we offer this package of a 5/8" thick x 2" wide x 8ft raw MDF spacer and a 8 ft length of BB5-8 baseboard in primed MDF as shown.

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  • Elite BEADED Panel Wainscot Kit
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    Elite BEADED Panel Wainscot Kit

    Key West styling boosts traditional New England favourite

    Beadboard has been a hallmark of classic New England homes and seaside cottages for centuries. Widely spaced vertical grooves or narrow ones, beadboard options are both simple and stunning at the same time. And this gave us an idea that we're pretty proud of. Inspired by Key West architecture, we developed Beaded Panel Wainscoting -- an Elite Trimworks exclusive. It combines the vertical lines of classic beadboard, surrounded by a framework of stiles and rails normally found only on traditional frame and panel wainscot. Taken together, this combination delivers all the refined simplicity you expect from beadboard, even across large walls. But where ordinary beadboard might appear too visually busy over expansive areas, beaded panel wainscoting just keeps on looking great, without ever becoming overwhelming. Stiles and rails are the secret. They add just enough visual variety to make it all work.

    Whatever you do, don't be fooled by the intricate appearance. We've done everything possible to make our beaded panel wainscoting exceptionally easy to finish and install. The back edges of both top and bottom rails, for instance, are grooved to envelop the beadboard panel, hiding joint lines effortlessly. Each 8-foot-long kit* comes primed and ready to paint.  Need help ordering? Wondering about installation procedures? Want so help understanding the basic wainscoting options better? No question is too advanced or elementary. Just call or email our expert telephone consultants for all the answers.

    Beaded Panel Wainscoting Gallery

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  • Elite FLAT Paneled Wainscot Kit 37" high

    Elite FLAT Panel Wainscoting Kit, 37" high x 8ft long, in Paint Grade, which is a good height for rooms with 8ft or 9ft ceilings. The kit consists of everything you need to cover 8 linear feet of wall. See the Description Tab below for full product description, and the Specification Tab below for any Shipping Specials. 

    This kit is suitable for an overall wainscot height of between 37" and 42". Over 37" high can be accomplished with the Wainscot Base Extension Kit. We also offer a Stair Kit, to make wainscoting your home easier than ever.

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  • Elite FLAT Paneled Wainscot STAIR Kit with Panels in Paint Grade

    Elite FLAT Panel Wainscoting STAIR Kit, everything you need to cover 8 linear feet of a wall up to about 40” tall.

    What makes this system truly customizable is the fact that the panels and stiles are over-size so that they can be cut to fit any staircase. It is next to impossible to accurately measure the slope, width and height and then have the panels cut accurately by others off-site. Cutting the panels and stiles on-site eliminates errors and delays. Check out our Great Shipping Specials.

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  • Craftsman FLAT Paneled Wainscot Kit

    Elite Craftsman FLAT Paneled Wainscot 8ft kit with cornice in paint-grade MDF, consisting of what you see displayed. A 4ft kit is also available. As an option, you may order Polyurethane Brackets instead of the cornice to support the plate rail. 

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  • Pre-Finished Wainscoting Kit

    Complete Pre-finished Wainscoting Kit in Dark Tuxedo, Polyester Laminate, consisting of all the parts required for eight running feet of wainscoting (shown): including a cap trim, upper rail, lower rail, shoe trim, four flat panels and 5 stiles. The panels are made from 1/4" Tafisa board, 24" X 24" square. The panels can be easily cut on a portable table saw, on the job site to suite any layout. This kit is suitable for an overall wainscot height of about 38". Custom sizing available on request.

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  • Flat Paneled Full Wall Kit 8ft

    Full Accent Walls Unlimited Possibilities

    Accent Walls are an extension of a Wainscoting installation and they really make a bold statement in a room. They can go all the way up to the ceiling or just 3/4 of the way up, it all depends on the look you want. Many people install them on one wall in a room, however, some install them in the entire room. Whichever one you choose, Elite Trimworks has the answer for your Wainscoting and Accent Wall needs.

    An Accent wall can be created with any one of our different wainscoting kits, with any panel sizing or spacing.  There are endless ways to mix and match different trims with the varying wainscot systems you can use to create accent walls. Contact us if you need help designing your room.

    Elite Flat Panel Wainscoting Accent Kits come either , 5 or 8 feet wide.

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