Custom Beadboard Heights

Although a 38" finished height is recommended for most applications, each Elite Beadboard kit comes with everything you need to finish an 8-foot section of wall 42.5" in height. Often circumstances arise where this is not enough; fortunately, our BeadBoard can be customized to different heights using simple math. Each kit comes with 4 planks of 8 1/2" wide by 96" length of Beadboard. By cutting the lengths provided down in thirds to 32", you will achieve a 42.5" completed height. Most Beadboard installations do not exceed 60"; however, we often get inquiries regarding higher installations. For that reason, Elite Moldings sells additional lengths of Beadboard that will allow you to achieve heights up to approximately 9 feet. The most important thing to remember is that you will require 12 stiles at 8 1/2" wide to complete an 8-foot wall. Each 8-foot length can be cut down into a third, half, or used whole, without wasting any material. If a custom height is desired, you should first figure out what it will be. Then factor in the height of the bottom and top rails provided, which is 10.5" in height. By subtracting 10.5" from the finished height, you will have the height of the stiles required to achieve the desired height.

  • Let's see an example
  • 50" finished height - 10.5" (bottom + top rail) = 39.5" height of Beadboard stile.

  • Now understanding that the Beadboard comes in 96" lengths, you have to figure out how many lengths to order.

  • 96" Divided by 38" means that you can only get 2 whole stiles from each length with approximately 20" of wasted material per length.

  • Each finished 8-foot section of Beadboard requires 12 stiles, so you will need 6 full-lengths to achieve this height. The kit includes 4 stiles, so you need to order two extra 8 foot stiles.

The ratio of Finished Heights to Extra Stiles goes like this.

58.5"- 106"6
42.5"- 58.5"2
34"- 42.5"0
Finished HeightExtra Lengths required per 8-foot kit