Crown Mouldings Both Smooth & Embossed
Offered in Elite's Unique Architecturally Matching Sets in Wood or Polyurethane (Foam)

main_pg.png When people think of crown moulding, visions of style, grace, and opulence inevitably come to mind. Cornice moulding is famous for its ability to provide otherwise ordinary homes with exceptional visual appeal. Look around and you will find crown mouldings on the roofs and walls of historic buildings, churches, banks, and private homes.

Our mouldings are made from MDF wood. MDF mouldings look exactly like real wood but MDF does not shrink nearly as much. There is no difference in appearance between a solid, paint grade wood moulding and MDF when sitting in the living room staring at the walls.

We know a thing or two about crown mouldings. In the late 1990's homes built with 9 or 10 ft high ceilings started gaining popularity. In the case of two story homes, 8 foot ceiling heights remained the standard on the second floor. Many professionals feel that a 7" cornice profile best suits a 9 or 10 foot ceiling height and a 5" profile best fits a 8 foot ceiling height.

The problem is that most moulding companies do not offer matching sets of 5 & 7" cornice profiles. At Elite Trimworks, we offer an extensive line of crown mouldings in matching sets.

ELITE TRIMWORKS Paint Grade MDF cornices come with white primer that for faster installation. Natural wood mouldings are typically unfinished adding time and cost to the job. EliteTrim is made from MDF, which is superior to most solid, paint or stain-grade woods in that it will have no knots, voids, or cracks.