Square, Rough-Sawn HB&G®

HB&G Rough-Sawn PermaCast Columns

There are many benefits of a composite column over wood columns. First, composite columns are weather-resistant, insect-proof, waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors without worry. You can throw your worst at them, and they will not rot or dent.

HB&G has been producing millwork products since 1880 and is now one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic columns in North America. With HB&G's PermaCast Columns, you can choose from the broadest array of sizes and styles of composite columns, caps and bases.

Take nothing for granted; HB&G does extensive engineering research and testing, resulting in the latest code approvals nationwide. For more information regarding load capacity, flame spread and so forth, click here: ICC-ES LEGACY REPORT 2301. We post most load-bearing data, sizing options, and instructions online. Just call us if you don't see what you are looking for.

The biggest advantage of HB&G PermaCast columns is the way they are made using the latest spin-casting technology. This process allows for a more consistent uniform wall thickness, less weight and even more strength. In the case of the square columns, the corners are more architecturally square than pultruded columns. Column walls have a more consistent thickness assuring there are no weak spots. They contain more fibreglass and less filler which makes them even stronger. They also hold more of a load compared to pultruded columns of the same size.

 Rough-Sawn Columns, the latest PermaCast Column addition from HB&G

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SKU Product name   Price    
HBG-RS-B Rough Sawn Brace - 24"
  • US$176.20
HBG-RS-8-8-TKN 8" Square, Fiberglass Rough Sawn Column
  • US$372.43
HBG-CF-RS-10-6-8-AN 10/6 Fiberglass, Craftsman Rough Sawn Column 66" High
  • US$448.83
HBG-RS-10-8-TKN 10" Square, Fiberglass Rough Sawn Column
  • US$470.70
HBG-CF-RS-12-8-AN 12/8 Fiberglass, Craftsman Rough Sawn Column 66" High
  • US$582.73
HBG-RS-12-8-6T 12" Square, Fiberglass Rough Sawn Column
  • US$658.17