Cellular PVC For Exterior Applications
There is no limit as to what can be done with Cellular PVC Mouldings and Trim Boards

If you know how to cut, rout, or nail wood you'll know how to cut, shape, fasten, and finish Cellular PVC using standard carpentry tools. Cellular PVC Trims, Boards, Mouldings and Sheets provides the superior workability of wood without warping, cupping, or splitting. Okay, it's not your father's finger-jointed pine or redwood. But how would you approach the job of exterior trim on a house if moisture wasn't a consideration? It may sound simple, but it removes a big consideration, and adds an amazing amount of design freedom.


It's hard to believe, even though most of the installation techniques are the same as wood for PVC trim, and PVC has a long list of advantages over wood and wood-based composites, there are still lots of contractors resisting the transition. You may be one of them. But, armed with a new understanding of the simple differences, contractors can come over to Cellular PVC trim with confidence and great success.

For PVC Sheets, see the "Sheet Goods" section.                           Cellular PVC Installation Tips

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  • HH-66 PVC Adhesive

    HH-66 WHITE: Medium bodied, slow setting, PVC cement for cellular PVC.  Available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 oz. squeeze containers.  Recommended to bond PVC to PVC only.  For bonding PVC to anything else, we suggest any construction adhesive like "PL Premium" or "No More Nails".

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    • US$7.90
  • Starborn Concealed Fastening Kit - 50 LF

    Starborn Concealed Fastening Kit for 50 linear feet of PVC Trim.  The package consisting of 75 -- #10 x 2 ¾" Epoxy Coated Screws, 100 plugs and the depth setting tool.

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    • US$55.00