Ceiling Domes

Lighter and easier to install than plaster or fiberglasss Ceiling Domes 

Elite Ceiling Domes are a great way to add Architectural Detail and beauty to a home without spending too much. Traditionally ceiling domes have been made from Plaster which is expensive, heavy, difficult to finish and difficult for an average homeowner to work with. Unlike Plaster, our Poly Urethane ceiling domes are less expensive, lighter and are pre finished for easy installation. Our ceiling domes are made from mouldings and they can only be made in the sizes listed. Custom ceiling dome widths, heights, or profiles are not available.

Although our Domes are considered retrofit products, please remember that not all ceilings can accommodate a ceiling dome. There are some structural issues of a home to be aware of before embarking on an installation. Due to the size and depth of the different ceiling domes, care must be taken to ensure that there is enough space between ceiling joists as well as space between the ceiling and the next floor above for the dome to fit into (generally there is not). Occasionally alterations have to be made to the existing ceiling in order to fit a dome into place.

If you have any questions in regards to ordering, sizing of the installation of these products please contact us.

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