Caps and Balls

Newel Posts complement our Newel Post shaft or can be combined with these Newel Post Balls. they can be made from PVC or Polyurethane. The caps and balls are strictly decorative, but add a unique detail to the overall architectural once applied to the Newel Post.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price  
NPC8 Peak Post Cap, 9”
  • US$15.75
BPC6565-F Flat Post Cap
  • US$15.97
BPC Baluster Newel Peak Post Cap
  • US$17.17
BA0405 Balustrade Ball, 4”
  • US$32.53
BA06-B Balustrade Ball 10” (BA06-B)
  • US$74.17
BA0610 Balustrade Ball, 6”
  • US$78.72
BPC1111-S Baluster Post Cap
  • US$82.16
P106 Ball for Newel Post, 6”
  • US$98.13
BA08-B Balustrade Ball 8" (BA08-B)
  • US$98.13
P108 Ball for Newel Post, 8”
  • US$103.95
BA1016 Balustrade Ball, 10”
  • US$151.77