Capitals for Stucco Columns


Our Polyurethane Doric, Tuscan, Corinthian and other capital and base sets are made to our specifications with a specific primer release finish that adheres to stucco coatings. They are made with a polyurethane density of 8 to 9 lb. which is considerably heavier than what is used in imported products. Although most of our clients source stucco column stems locally, many come to us for a richer selection of capitals. Many stucco contractors only offer a simple square base and capital which can be quickly and easily made on site. Stucco capitals are mainly decorative and have not been tested for their load bearing capabilities.

Some of the advantages of stucco columns is that they can be made in any size, shape or length required within 3-5 days and seeing as how they come in two half's that are glued together on site, they are perfect for wrapping around existing support posts. Stucco column stems are sold by the running foot, the capitals and bases are sold separately. If interested in have us make the column stem for you, contact us for a quote.

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