MDF Sheets - Beaded | Grooved

MDF Beaded or Grooved Sheets and Paneling
Choose from a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses

Discover a wide range of MDF Beaded or Grooved Wall Paneling options at Elite Trimworks. Our versatile sheets are perfect for ceilings, wall applications, or cabinetry. Choose from various bead types, thicknesses, widths, and styles to customize your project.

Our Beadboard or V-Grooved Wall Paneling is available in different panel thicknesses and lengths, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your space. The rustic "V" Groove design creates a distinctive "Wide Plank" appearance. With predetermined spacing, ensure that the beads or grooves align seamlessly for a polished wall application.

These sheets are not limited to MDF; we can craft them in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany veneered MDF core, particle core, or any preferred board material. Explore additional images of our beaded boards in the Photo Gallery

For full-size sheet orders, contact us to arrange transport shipping. Please note that FedEx or UPS limits the size to 30" high x 48" wide panels. If ordering 10 sheets or more, shipping on a skid via a Transport Truck may be more cost-effective. Consider our Plank Beadboard options for applications requiring 8' tall material. The planks use a Shiplap joint for a seamless connection and are available in both Paint Grade and Stain Grade (Oak, Maple, and Cherry).

If you opt for 3/8" thick sheets with any bead type, they seamlessly match our BeadBoard Rail Package. This package includes pre-milled upper and lower rails, cap, and shoe trim, creating a sophisticated wainscot beadboard application. For uneven or tiled surfaces, pair our custom-made sheet Beadboard with the rail package for stunning results. Elevate your space with Elite Trimworks' quality and customization options.   


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