Made With Authentic "Deep Beads" in Wood or
In Waterproof PVC Vinyl

Many homeowners want to change the look of their kitchen and often undertake major renovations such as changing the cupboards, flooring or the appliances. There are other ways to dress up a kitchen without going through all that expense and aggravation. The Backsplash is a commonly overlooked part of the kitchen that can easily be dressed up using ceramic tiles, glass tiles or stainless steel depending on the type of look you have in mind for your kitchen. In the last little while we have found many people are using our beadboard to create a backsplash and as such we have come up with a backsplash kit that can be customized to suit the varying sizes of walls between the countertop and the cupboards.


Sheet BeadBaord which is commonly used for back splashes tends to have shallower beads and hard to cut around corners. Not a problem when using Elite plank style, Bayside Beadboard, with it's 8 1/4" wide with a tongue and groove joint (8" exposed), and "deep bead", it will install seamlessly. It is shipped in single plank, with 3 beads, or in packages of seven 8" foot planks that can be cut down to accommodate any height of backsplash. The installation will require a Shoe molding for the bottom and in some cases the top of the beadboard; this will cover the seam where the beadboard touches the counter and the surface underneath the cupboards. We recommend painting with an oil base paint, for better water resistance.

bb_shoe.jpg How to Calculate The amount of MDFBeadboard Required For Back Splashes

Each plank is 8ft (96") long and 8 1/4" wide but only 8" exposed. The average back splash is 18" high, keep in mind that over the stove may be a little higher. An 8ft length could be cut into five 19" pieces, or 4 -- 24" pieces.

To calculate material needed you would take the running length of your area in inches, divide by 8 that tells the number of stiles required. Then calculate the numbers of 8ft lengths, the shoe trim and your done.

example: if you need 13.25 ft or 159" running feet in total,
159 / 8 = 20 stiles (round up)
each 8ft plank yields 5 pieces 19" tall, therefore you would order (20 / 5 = 4) 3-beaded planks.
An other way to calculate coverage is that each plank has 8" x 96" = 768 square inches / 144 = 5.3 square feet.

We have professionals standing by to help you with any problems or questions you may have about the product or installation. Get factory direct pricing and delivery right to your door! Special reduced shipping rates.

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