Tapered Wood Column Wrap 10/16

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10/16 Wood, Tapered Columns are a great alternative to Non-Tapered columns which are more common. Our Wood Craftsman or Arts and Crafts column wraps are made to wrap around an existing post support, or they can be free standing.  They are not load bearing. They can be ordered in MDF, or in a variety stain-grade wood species and are quick and easy to install and paintable or stainable

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  • Column Installation Tips & FAQs

    Find helpful tips, specifications and installation advice on how to install our Columns. Read through the instructions to see if this is the right product for you.

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  • Weight
    60 lbs

Tapered Square columns are a great alternative to Non-Tapered columns which are more common. Our Wood Craftsman or Arts and Crafts Style Columns are made to wrap around an existing post support, or they can be free standing. They are not load bearing. They can be ordered in MDF, or in a variety of stain-grade wood species and are quick and easy to install and paintable or stainable.

10/16 Plain, Tapered Wood Columns: The Shaft is usually made from ½” or ⅝" thick MDF and as an option, can be veneered with your choice of hardwood. These panels use lock miter joints for easy assembly and are 15 ½” at the bottom and 9 ⅜” at the top, with the minimum opening being about 8” square.
The shaft is shipped in four easy to cut-to-size panels that are shipped flat. We include MDF adhesive, tape, and installation instructions. All you need is a chop saw and basic carpentry tools to install.
This column comes with a Georgian Capital and Base (shown) which adds approximately 4 ½" to both the top and bottom footprint of the shaft. The optional Box (Craftsman) Cap and Base are both about 3" high and only adds 1 ¼” to the shaft thickness. We recommend either the Box Base or Box Capital for applications that have limited space.

How to Install         Custom Sizing Form

As a no-cost option, we can make the column any height, just order the next size up. No need for accuracy more than ¼” as the capital, which fits over the shaft can easily add 2” to the height of the column shaft.
A four foot section of cap base which is used as an astragal trim or neck mould.
We can make these column in material and in almost any size, call for pricing.

    • SKU
    • Weight
      60 lbs
  • Production Time
    Made to order, 5-10 days plus transit time for MDF, 2-4 weeks depending on hardwood stock
  • Tarrif Code
  • Shipping Cost
    Free Shipping on orders over $500 or $49 flat rate for orders less than $500 and columns 6 feet tall or less. Columns over 6 feet long must be shipping by transport truck, call for pricing.
    Limitations to our Shipping Specials
  • Wood Type
    Raw MDF, White Oak - Flat Cut, Red Oak - Flat Cut, Maple - Flat Cut, Cherry - Flat Cut, Walnut - Flat Cut
  • Height
    48", 54", 60", 66", 72", 84", 96"
  • Choose Capital & Base Set
    Georgian, Box, None, shaft only
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Are you the manufacturer?
Elite Trimworks does produce most of our interior columns and most exterior columns.  We specialize in manufacturing PVC Columns.

Are your columns load bearing?
Yes, all of our round wood and Fiber Cast columns are load bearing. Refer to website for the load bearing capability of the desired column.

If my wood columns are split, what type of adhesive do I need to reassemble them?
To reassemble a split column, a high quality wood glue adhesive should be used. This product can be found at any hardware or construction-supply provider.

How do I secure a split column to a wooden or metal post?
Depending on your application, there are several ways to hold a column in place when used for decoration purposes only. One of the most common ways to hold a column in place is to use standard "L" brackets on the bottom and top of the column's shaft. The Tuscan Base and Capital hide this method of installation. If being assembled around a wooden post, a common way to secure the column is by using wood shims. The shims should fit snugly between the column shaft and the post for proper stability. Be sure to visit our website for further column installation instructions.

Can I trim my columns to a lower height?
Yes. If it is a non-tapered column, 1/3 of the shaft height can be trimmed without affecting the fit of the base and capital. Trimming must take place from the bottom of the shaft only!

How are the columns shipped?
Columns measuring up to 8 feet are shipped using UPS. Any column longer than 8 feet must be shipped using a common carrier (Tractor Trailer) and different shipping rates apply.

What happens if my columns arrive damaged?
Depending on shipping method, different rules apply. For instance we do not allow UPS shipments to be refused. For transport shipments, it needs to be indicated on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and we need to be contacted right away. For complete details please see our Terms & Conditions

Is Elite Trimworks competitive with their pricing?
You bet ya! Our 20,000 square foot warehouse allows us to buy in volumes. Half of the columns we sell are made in-house and we pass on the savings to you. We are confident that our prices are some of the best out there. Give us a call and find out for your self.

 Can I install the columns myself or will I need a contractor?
Columns less than 9 feet are easy to manage for proper installation if you are handy with basic tools required. Our website has downloadable instructions for installation. Columns over 9 feet high are best managed with the assistance of an experienced contractor.

Can columns go around poles and beams?
Any column is capable of being split in order to accommodate your design. The rules are as follows: Round Beams take overall diameter; Square Beams, take diagonal measurement from top to determine width. Refer to our specs for inside clearance of the shaft to determine proper size column needed.

Do capital and base add any height to the column?
When you order a round wood column the capital and base are factored into the overall finished height of the column. When ordering the Fiber Cast columns, the capital and base are pieces that fit around the column (see image below) and so they do not play a part in adding height to the finished column.

Are the capitals load bearing?
Decorative capitals are strictly for decorative purposes and are not load bearing. The wood or MDF capitals that come standard with the wooden columns are load bearing.

Are your exterior columns insect and decay resistant?
All our exterior columns are engineered and tested to warrant against damage caused by exterior elements.

How are the columns approved for load?
All of our columns come with full strength and material testing provided from our local material testing facility and engineer, see individual products for exact load bearing data.

How wide should the column shaft be?
The width of columns are calculated in terms of a ratio between the base diameter of the shaft and the height. If you where looking for architecturally accuracy, a Tuscan or Doric column should be seven diameters high, an Ionic column, eight diameters high and a Corinthian column nine diameters high. For more on the “Orders of Architecture” go to www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_order#Tuscan_order

 How should I paint my interior columns?
Bulls Eye 1-2-3®i (see site for complete details) a whole house, universal interior/exterior, water-base stain-killing primer-sealer. Excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces, including tile and enamelled trim. Low odour and easy-to-apply with great flow and levelling. Breathable, flexible acrylic formula resists blistering and peeling. This primer generally dries and is ready to expect paint within the hour.

Why should I discuss my project with you?
Speaking with us will ensure that you are getting the correct column for the job, our years of experience may prevent you from making costly errors.

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